B+W GoPro Accessories

B+W filter sets for GoPro action cameras When taking photos underwater, the light conditions and colors change considerably. Whereas in the air, a difference is only noticeable at extreme altitude changes, in the water, colors change after just a few meters of depth, generally producing disappointing images if no filter is used. Filters enable better image reproduction in underwater photography and simplify post-processing. B+W adapters are now available for using screw-in filters with GoPro camera models Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4. The filter mount is pushed onto the frame of the standard housing and fastened into place. Filters with a standard 58 mm connector can be attached to the front part of the filter mount. The filter adapter is designed so that the entire device is immediately enveloped by water when immersed, ensuring that a mixture of water and air does not occur, and that air bubbles are prevented. The hinged frame means that the filter can be quickly removed to switch from underwater to above water use.

B+W underwater set This set comprises a B+W 58mm filter mount for the GoPro standard housing, and the two most important underwater filters, red and magenta, to quickly and easily compensate disturbing color casts.
The red filter is used in blue water, the magenta filter in green.

Outdoor set This set includes a B+W 58mm filter mount for the GoPro standard housing, an ND.9 (3 stop) neutral density filter, and a polarizer. Depending on the application, ND filters attenuate the available light to extend the exposure time, allowing for "cotton candy" water movement, or capturing cloud flow.
The polarizing filter reduces reflections, increases color saturation, and improves contrast.