Those of us who want to shoot photographs successfully and with pleasure should make sure that they have reliable good-quality equipment. The focus should not only be directed toward cameras and lenses, but should also include the little things that are sometimes overlooked as seemingly unimportant. For this reason, different cleaning accessories are available under the B+W brand so that your equipment is always well taken care of.

B+W Optical Cleaning Set

The top-class cleaning properties included in this optical cleaning set are best suitable for the cleaning of all optical/photographic equipment plus advices such as LCD screens, smartphones or binoculars. Besides a non-alcoholic cleaning spray and a very handy cleaning cloth, a brush, an air blower and lens wipes are combined in a useful bag to make sure your photographic equipment is always properly maintained.

B+W Lens Wipes

The B+W Lens Cleaning Tissues come in a handy 50 counts box.

The tissues are pre-moistened, antibacterial and applicable to all optical equipment as well as mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.